Digital performance

written and directed Matilde De Feo
in collaboration with Tommaso Megale, Davide Todaro, Manuel Buscemi
Cariplo e Fondazione D'Ars, Milano 2011

INSECTIONE / défiguration is a video installation and interactive performance that reverses the normal behavior of man / insect; aims to build a bridge between the human world and the realm of insects, de-figure the stable forms in which man can be recognized easily. The normopatia that takes us away from these small beings is essentially a disease of the form "The image is gregarious by vocation. Gives priority to the effects of group similarity, conformism" (Evelyne Grossman) The installation can be performative as an actor and has as its main objective to bring these interactive technologies in a live show. In the performance insects intangible interact and move with the actor thanks to the tracking of a webcam, in real time, in an open circuit, without a pre-recorded direction. The bodies intangible behave almost like real bodies in a performative context and a dramaturgy unusual and innovative, forcing the meeting between the species. The approach of actor-man does not cause the flight of the insect, but its multiply and spread.